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Difficult business You have been abroad for a short or maybe already a long period of time but you still do not feel yourself at home.

You thought you could find yourself easily in the local culture but you face some problems that at the end make you tired.

When coming to your host country you thought you were cosmopolitan and you could cope with multicultural environment but after a while you realized not everything is as should be.

Or you left your family/friends in your country and you miss them? You need to find a life balance?

Do you know that when living and working abroad you go through an acculturation process? Stress and also shock are very common for the process. For long-term emigrants, knowledge of language with understanding of nonverbal communication typical for people in the host country is crucial to succeed. Moreover, opening and tolerance for ambiguity are important in the process.

Coaching for expats will help you understand the acculturation process: cultural and psychological change that results from the encounter between cultures, not necessarily geographically very distant from each each other. You will identify your own specific problem and develop a fresh perspective on the situation you are facing. You will get support in exploring a range of options and finding the best solution to overcome your problem!

You will find your life balance again!


Coaching addressed to multicultural teams (team members coming from different countries or companies representing different internal cultures) helps to understand the existing differences and to find the best use of the diversity!

Misunderstanding due to the differences are relatively frequent and may lead to internal tensions or even conflicts. In order to prevent them, coaching assists managers to develop and implement a best strategy in discovering the existing cultural differences and using them for a positive outcome and overall benefit.