• In cooperation with the Institute of Neurocognitivism in Brussels – for business; managers of different levels (in Poland : in ENG & PL)

1. Effective Communication Strategy – how to react in difficult situations (stress, domination … )    PROGRAM

2. Develop your Adaptive Intelligence – use your brain & mental modes efficiently    PROGRAM

3. Efficient Change Management Strategy – All You Need to Know    PROGRAM

4. Use Your Talents & Inner Motivation to Boost Your Potential & Creativity    PROGRAM


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  • SEMINARS & WORKSHOPS – organised in order to boost client’s personal and professional development.

    • Brain and stress management
    • Preventing burnout
    • Finding a life balance
    • Living in and understanding the multicultural environment
    • Assertiveness and effective communication
    • Discovering own potential, talents and boosting creativity
    • Making effective changes in life and at work
    • Change management in the company
    • How to stay ZEN in parenting
    •  Other on demand