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  1. Chapter ” Monetary policy in Poland – adjustments to the convergence criteria ” published by the Institut für Europäische Politik in Bonn, in a book “Towards EU – Membership. Transformation and Integration in Poland and the Czech Republic”; Bonn: Europa Union Verlag, 1998. (article)
  1. Review of a book “Monetary reform in Europe – an analysis of the issues and proposals for the Intergovernmental Conference” published by Universidade Católica Editora in Lisbon, 1996. This article was published by the European Centre of the Warsaw University in “Studia Europejskie” no 1/1998; Warsaw 1998.
  1. Article about the European Institute’s organisation and responsibilities, published by the Centre of the Warsaw University in “Studia Europejskie” no 4/1998; Warsaw 1998.
  1. Article “Was Robert Mundell right?” on EMU and the theory of optimal currency area, Published in “ Gazeta Bankowa”, no 45, 9-15 November 1999. (article)
  1. Article „ISPA – The First Investment Project ”, published in a bulletin „Eurointegracja”, no 7/8, Warsaw, 2000
  1. Article „Euro- and its future consequences”, published in a bulletin „Eurointegracja”, no 11, November 2000.
  1. Article „Integration with the UE and Polish enterprises”, published in a bulletin „Eurointegracja”, no 12, December 2000.
  1. “Analyses of the EU Member States and the candidate countries preparations to the euro banknotes and coins introduction” – co-author; in „Materialy i Studia NBP”, no 122, Warsaw, May 2001.
  1. “Analyses of the euro introduction impact on the Polish banking system” – co-author; in “Materialy i Studia NBP”, no 128, Warsaw, July 2001.
  1. Chapter “Membership of the EMU and the euro introduction – ambitious task for the EU countries and challenge for Poland In its accession process ” in a book “Proces akcesyjny do UE – wybrane problemy”, Lodz 2001.
  1. “Analyses of impact of the euro introduction on the Polish banking system” – co-author; in “Materialy i Studia NBP”, no 153, Warsaw, December, 2002
  1. Chapter and other materials (including tests) “Polish way to the EMU” within the educational project (2003) of the National Bank of Poland available on a website http://www.nbportal.pl
  1. Article “Poland in Front of the Membership in the EU“ presented during the Research Panels of the conference “From Copenhagen to Copenhagen” organised by UACES on 5 April 2003 in London (abstract can be find on www.uaces.org/D410302Abstracts.htm#Pawelczyk)
  1. Article “L’hospitalité et l’âme polonaises” published by the European Commission in “Pologne en Direct – Numéro spécial élargissement ” on 26 April 2004 (article)
  1. Article “Globalisation and European Union – chances for Poland” – co-author, Published in „Gazeta Bankowa”, no 24, 12-18 June 2006.
  1. Article “Chances for Poland in the process of and membership to the EU” – co-author, published by Polish Academy of Science, „Working Paper” no 4 (www.inepan.waw.pl). (article)


 Andere vorm van literaire creativiteit:

The stories for children published on Amazon :

in English « Teddy dragons make their dreams come true », published on Amazon, December, 2012 (link)

in French «Une Lollipop Enchantee» (link)

in Polish « O tym jak dzielny smok Tuputek spełnił swoje marzenia » (link)

«Zaczarowany Lizak» (link)

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