Comprehensive STRESS CONTROL Strategy

In today’s world, stress is omnipresent. The world around us is becoming more and more demanding, we live in a hurry and change has become a norm. Every day we have to take many decisions. While some of them we do automatically, without further thinking, others require more attention from us. Are we able to deal effectively with all difficult situations while maintaining at the same time our well-being? In Europe, stress is one of the three primary causes of health problems among employees. The prolonged stress can lead ultimately to burnout and depression.

The classic approach to coping with stress (by Lazarus’a (1991) and Folkman’a (1984)) distinguishes two strategies:

1. Emotion control – which is not very effective, realistic only when the source of stress is beyond the control of a person.

2. Focusing on the problem – which is cognitive and more effective.

As part of the Comprehensive STRESS CONTROL Strategy I propose an approach consisting of:


   1. Increase of Adaptive Intelligence – taking control of stress and cognitive problem solving – therapeutic coachingsessions based on the neuro-cognitive and behavioral approach



    2. Training Bio-feedback - taking control of your own body reactions in stressful situations – sessions using the specialized « physiology suite » program for effective learning of a relaxation technique (breathing rhythm, which « triggers » heart rate variability in accordance with the breath).

    3. Training Neuro-feedback - the non-invasive self-regulation of the brain waves – sessions, during which the person consciously learns to change the pattern of the brain waves so that it produces more waves indicating the relaxation and the reduced stress level.