It is based on the neurocognitive and behavioral approach benefiting from the latest knowledge about the relation between our brain and our behavior. It explains how and why we react in certain way in different situations, for example facing stress. It is not just a situation that influences our reactions, but our state of mind and our brain that induces associated reactions at the given moment. The approach concentrates on a cause rather then on symptoms and allows to respond better to a given problem. It helps to concentrate on what is the most important and achieve greater control over own life. Thanks to this approach the coaching process is very effective!

WHO IS A COACH ? A coach is a person experienced in assisting others in achieving their goals. A coach motivates and encourages persons to find solutions to their problems. A coach stays impartial, free of any prejudices and is full of kindness for clients. The basic rule for a coach is a strong believe that each person has all necessary resources to reach the goal and just needs some help to discover his/her true potential!

WHY COACHING ? Coaching supports quick and effective realization of personal goals. Helps to concentrate on what is the most important and achieve greater control over own life. Coaching enables a person to develop a strong experiential commitment to the chosen aim. Thanks to coaching a person is ready to undertake a change and even just a small change can lead to amazing results! Coaching assists a person in a process of change, helps to overcome potential emotional obstacles.

HOW COACHING WORKS ? According to your needs you can choose personal or business coaching. Individual or group coaching. The coaching method is tailor-made to follow specific needs of individual or institutional clients. The process usually takes 6 – 10 sessions of 1,5 hour.  

Still hesitating? Don’t ! Just go for it!