Training for the efficient brain


=> all persons whose work requires concentration, rapid and correct decision taking and for those suffering from the prolonged stress, for example managers, in order to :

  • improve concentration and focusing,

  • improve memory,

  • increase resistance to stress and lower a stress level.

=> for children (based on the diagnosis of a child psychologist or neurologist in order to support a treatment) in case of :

  • impaired attention (ADD)

  • the psycho-motor hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

These are the non-invasive trainings based on self-regulation of the brain function.

PLACE: Av. de Tervuren 81, Brussels (the premises of the Institute of Neurocognitivism)


How often? It depends on the problem: at least once a week and preferably 3 to even 4 times a week.

More about Neuro-feedback : It is a type of biofeedback that uses a real-time display of the brain activity to teach self-regulation of the brain function.

The brain reacts to the states of our body and psyche. It produces various ranges of electromagnetic waves: delta, theta, alpha, beta (including gamma, which are however not covered by the given method). The bio-electrical activity of the brain changes, not only as reaction to our physiological state, but depending as well on our age and the various external and internal factors. The neuro-physiological disorders may lead to changes in the brain waves, which consequently impact on our cognitive abilities, for example: concentration, learning ability, behavioral and emotional disturbances caused by stress, etc.

The relationship between the state of our body and the brain waves were discovered in the 60s of the last century. In the early 70′s of the XX century, the American Space Agency NASA began to use a special method called “biofeedback EEG” (ElectroEncephaloGraphy) for training the astronauts. Thanks to the rapid progress and technological development, this method has been improved and widespread. For already over 10 years it has been also known in Europe.

The method was developed thanks to a discovery that the human brain is able to learn the new working models (“brain plasticity”). Through exercises we are able to improve the range of our brain waves. Biofeedback EEG known as neurofeedback, is the type of training that allows a person to consciously change the pattern of waves produced in the brain so that the brain works more efficiently and faster.

It is the non-invasive method of training! Thanks to the placed sensor on the head, the brain waves are read and converted into an understandable graphical form for the client (e.g. animation or video film). During the training a person controls her own reactions in a conscious way and the improvement in the brain waves is immediately visible on the computer screen. Thanks to this, the person knows, for example, when is concentrated, and when ceases to be focused (e.g. when a movie stops). This allows the person to learn the reaction of her own brain, and modify it in order it functions effectively.

“In 2013 the American Academy of Pediatrics stated that the EEG biofeedback method is one of the most recommended forms of therapy for patients with ADHD and ADD. The recommendation applies to such results, the effectiveness of which is sufficiently supported by the scientific and clinical research. ” The studies have shown the sustained improvement in case of 86% of the respondents taking the intensive training of neurofeedback.