Sun-in-us is a brand of Fulcrum Partners bvba, created in order to provide you with the following services:

    => Therapeutic COACHING - supports you in discovering your true potential, encourages in finding solutions to your problems and challenges and achieve greater control over own life. It helps to bring a positive change through setting and achieving your self-defined goals. Suninus uses the best practices of International Coaching Federation (I'm a ICF member) and a neuro-cognitive and behavioral method based on the latest neuroscience findings that makes a coaching process more effective (I'm a 'Practitioner of Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach' at the Institute of NeuroCognitivism (INC) in Brussels.

    => NEUROFEDBACK - a non-invasive trainings thanks to which a person learns to consciously change the pattern of waves produced in the brain so that the brain works more efficiently and faster.

    => SEMINARS & WORKSHOPS – organised in order to boost client's personal and professional development.

    The services are offered in three languages: English, Polish and French.

    You are warmly welcome to benefit from our services. With us you can achieve more!

    Beata Pawelczyk-Cnudde (Managing Partner, Coach, Neurofeedback trainer)

  • Suninus provides you with excellent professional and personal coaching by a coach experienced in assisting others in achieving their goals.
  • Professional coaching facilitates in achieving your organizational objectives and professional targets.
  • Personal coaching supports you in finding solutions to your daily worries and concerns, those related to personal well-being and issues typical for expatriates.
  • Suninus creates tailor-made, holistic process addressing the needs of the whole person using the best practice and methods.
  • Suninus encourages and assists you to undertake a change and even just a small change can lead to amazing results!